❤ Sales permission granted on November 21st, 2018 by areica96. 

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❤  Paypal only!

❤ All Community rules apply. 

❤ Shipping is from USA. 

❤ Buyer is responsible for all shipping and fees. 

❤ Shipping starts at 3 for poly mailers and 1 for PWE flats. 

❤ Once an item is out of my hands, it is no longer my responsibility. 

❤  Items will usually be shipped within three days. I do however have work every day, and I don't get home before the post office closes. So if the mail has already come I might not get them out on that day. 

❤ My prices are based off of how much I personally paid for the item, item condition and listings of the same item elsewhere. 

❤ No backing out of commitment. If you do, you will be banned from my sales and negative feedback will be left. 


WCT Valentine's Pikachu MWT $13

Mewtwo AG Banpresto Plush $20

Zorua Takara Tomy plush $10

Sitting Kurotto Luxray $20
Zorua Floral cup rement $10


MofuMofu Hula Pikachu $4
Mew movie Zukan (weavile, aipom and mime jr) $7
Boxed MelMetal $3
Everything else sold while I was making this post T^T

Standard Pikachu pop $7

Claims/Box Splits!

Kid figures! February release. $6 each! I may have extras of these so I'm taking secondary claims as well.

Pikachu and Pichu: Claimed, Secondary Claim
Scorbunny: Claimed
Gengar: Claimed
Wooloo: Claimed, Secondary Claim
Yamper: Claimed
Legendaries: Claimed, Secondary Claim
Metal Bird:

Rement Sleeping Basket figures - Release in March 2020 - $8 each before shipping to the US. I have to fill the whole box before I can start another one.

Vulpix: Claimed