❤ Sales permission granted on November 21st, 2018 by areica96. 

❤ Feedback can be found here ! 

❤  Paypal only!

❤ All Community rules apply. 

❤ Shipping is from USA. 

❤ Buyer is responsible for all shipping and fees. 

❤ Shipping starts at 3.50 for bubble mailers and 2.70 for large envelopes. 

❤ Once an item is out of my hands, it is no longer my responsibility. 

❤  Items will usually be shipped within one week. I do however have classes and work, and I don't get home before the post office closes. So if the mail has already come I might not get them out on that day. 

❤ My prices are based off of how much I personally paid for the item, item condition and listings of the same item elsewhere. 

❤ No backing out of commitment. If you do, you will be banned from my sales and negative feedback will be left. 

❤ I will try to leave feedback for every purchase! 

❤  Quotes have priority for 24 hours. Please try to be prompt with  responses and passes as I will usually reply within an hour if not less.  

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